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Pre-conference Workshops

Pacific Asia Workshop on Intelligence and Security Informatics (PAISI2008)

Intelligence and Security Informatics (ISI) is concerned with the study of the development and use of advanced information technologies and systems for national, international, and societal security-related applications.  PAISI 2008 will provide a stimulating forum for ISI researchers in Pacific Asia and other regions of the world to exchange ideas and report research progress. The workshop also welcomes contributions dealing with ISI challenges specific to the Pacific Asian region. Submissions may include systems, methodology, testbed, modeling, evaluation, and policy papers. Research should be directly relevant to both informatics and national/international/societal security. Topics include but are not limited to Information Sharing and Data/Text Mining; Infrastructure Protection and Emergency Responses; and Terrorism Informatics.  See the Workshop website for details.


Pacific Asia Workshop on Cybercrime and Computer Forensics (PACCF2008)

As personal computers and access to the Internet become more prevalent the modern society is increasingly dependent on the computer and networking technology for storing, processing, and sharing data, and for email and message communication.  Cybercrime in the broadest sense refers to any criminal activity in which computer or network plays an essential role, where computers may be used as a tool to commit a crime, as the victim, or may contain evidence of a crime.  Examples of cybercrime include, for example, possession of illegal digital materials, spreading viruses, ID theft, economic espionage, etc.  Law enforcement and government agencies, corporate IT officers, and software vendors, have worked together to assemble forensic computing tools, incident response policies, and best practices to train and fight against the uproar of this new crime wave.  The 2008 Pacific Asia Workshop on Cybercrime and Computer Forensics (PACCF) is to provide a forum for professionals in the computer forensics community and IT security industry, forensic computing software vendors, corporate and academic researchers, in an effort to disseminate ideas and experiences related to forensic computing especially in the context of cybercrime investigation.  The workshop solicits original contributions of research papers, tool demonstrations, and cases studies.  See the Workshop website for the Call for Papers.


Workshop on Social Computing (SOCO2008)
Social computing can be broadly defined as computational facilitation of social studies and human social dynamics as well as the design and use of information and communication technologies that consider social context.  In recent years, social computing has become one of the central themes across a number of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) fields and attracted significant interest from not only researchers in computing and social sciences, but also software and online game vendors, Web entrepreneurs, political analysts, digital government practitioners, among others.  The Workshop on Social Computing (SOCO 2008) intends to bring together social computing researchers from a wide spectrum of academic disciplines to (a) report and review the current state of the art of social computing research and its applications, (b) identify key technical challenges  facing social computing studies; and (c) provide a forum to bring together researchers and practitioners to identify future research opportunities.  See the Workshop website for research topics and the call for papers.



Taipei, Taiwan | June 17-20, 2008 Central Police University